All controls shown in this catalogue are suitable for handlebars with 22 mm diameter, special models excepted for which the different diameter is specified. All controls are black painted.

We reserve the right to replace or modify at any time the items shown in this catalogue with others having similar performance and features.

For the good working of the shown products, it is absolutely necessary that the assembly on the vehicle is carried out by a qualified operator to assure the right product application.

Domino and Tommaselli are not responsible for any consequence arisen from an incorrect product assembly, in particular where this activity is not certified by a skilled operator.

For the good working of the shown throttle controls, it is advisable to use cables with flexible wire having 1,3 diameter and 49 strands.

The grips length specified in this catalogue refers to the grips non-assembled on the handlebar.

All pictures and technical descriptions included in this catalogue are provided just for information. For any further explanations, you can apply to our Technical Department.

The colours specified in this catalogue can be changed and replaced with others having also different shades.

Some items are patented. Therefore, Domino and Tommaselli warn the end user against reproducing them in order to avoid the company taking legal actions.


The products shown in this catalogue can be used for a normal application of the product itself or the vehicle on which they are assembled. Domino and Tommaselli are not responsible for the malfunctioning or the defects of the products included in this catalogue, where these products are wrongly used or assembled by unskilled or unqualified operators or in any case the product is used in an uncommon or extreme way or under conditions different from the normal use. Our Technical Department is at your disposal for any further explanation or advice either for all the activities related to the product assembly or for all the tricks necessary for a special or unusual use of the products. Domino and Tommaselli have no kind of association with the brands of the manufacturers or distributors of motorcycles, mopeds and scooter even if mentioned in this catalogue.

Domino and Tommaselli are not responsible for any direct, indirect or punitive damages or further loss, cost and expenses, which for whatever reason, directly or indirectly, can be borne by the product end user, where the above mentioned consequences are the result of malpractice or fault in the product choice, assembly or use. In any case, Domino and Tommaselli responsibility is limited to the value of the product or, as an alternative, at Domino and Tommaselli discretion, to its replacement.

For any further information related to the product sale terms and conditions, also for what Domino and Tommaselli warranty and liability are concerned, you can refer to the general supply conditions specified on our website and , whose terms are considered as accepted once the ordered product is delivered.