Tommaselli Srl

For more than eighty years, the Tommaselli is a brand recognized for reliability in the manufacture and distribution of components in the motorcycle industry.
Domino Brand is distributed exclusively by Tommaselli aftermarket.

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What does domino effect mean?

For Domino-Tommaselli Team means the effect that produce improvement focusing to research quality level higher to offer innovative and reliable products.

The company mission is to create value that offer durability, with high level of quality and flexibility. The liveliness marks every productive process to reach commercial success. The range of unique products is guarantee of quality and Italian design.


Tommaselli is running towards wild world

Tommaselli represents International Company that run around technology innovation. The Company, in Italy, manages a capillary network of stores and distributors that offer Road and Off road items. In worldwide Tommaselli, with Domino brand items, is present in more than 40 countries with strengthen commercial partnership.

In Italy




In the world




Where the automation is ordinary feature

In Tommaselli’s warehouse there are nr.2 automated warehouses units: the nerve-centre of the company. 
From here every day shipped many items for International and Italian market.

Customer care

Focus towards the customers, to reach trusty of the people that choose our brand.
It’s possible due at the knowledge, experience and determination of Domino -Tommaselli Team.
We follow the customers request from purchase to post-sales.


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All products branded Domino and Tommaselli are made in Italy, according to strict production criteria that guarantee high quality, resistance, and safety for the pilot.