The new lever assembly was designed by Domino for the Speedway discipline in order to ensure higher performance, thanks to the extreme reduction in its weight.


The Speedway lever assembly was born thanks to the dialogue between Domino and the professional riders of this fascinating speciality, in a process of close collaboration aimed at constantly improving our products.


These are its characteristics:


- a forged lever in anodized aluminium, with a lever arm of 26 mm. Its particular grip point has been developed to compensate for the phenomenon of thermal instability typical of speedway clutches,

- a cylindrical roller bearing mounted on the lever, allows a rotation free from any friction,

- a special cable regulator totally in anodized aluminium alloy, easily operated during one-handed use for quick and precise adjustments. Allows an axial adjustment of up to 15 mm.

- a particularly lightened lever fulcrum screw which, thanks to precise tolerances and to the coupling with the roller bearing, reduces the play of the lever, thus increasing the sensitivity of the pilot during its use.

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