Domino introduces the new KRK EVO model to complete the range of its KRK throttle controls. 
This desmodromic throttle control has been specially developed to be suitable for all KTM and HUSQVARNA 4T bikes starting from M.Y. 2016. 
It shall be assembled with the original cables and is supplied with 4 different pulleys, which allow the rider to change the speed and ajust the throttle control to his own riding style and the track conditions. 

These are the main features of the 4 pulleys: 

Grey pulley:                Quickness => 3,0 °/mm;        Max stroke: 38 mm 
Brown pulley:              Quickness => 2,8 °/mm;        Max stroke: 39 mm 
Orange pulley:            Quickness => 2,7 °/mm;        Max stroke: 43 mm
Black pulley:               Quickness => 2,6 °/mm;        Max stroke: 39 mm

Part number: 5207.03
Available from the end of February.