It is now available on the Aftermarket the electronic throttle control Ride by Wire for Yamaha R1

Domino offers now for the aftermarket the new electronic Ride by Wire for Yamaha R1 (MY from 2020), specifically designed for racing use.

Our RBW is made with components in high quality machined aluminium, black anodized, a throttle tube made by special techno-polymers and an IP67 hall sensor specially developed by Domino during many years of research.

It guarantees several advantages such as:

  • Smooth acceleration (Feedback design)
  • Precise output signal guaranteed by the Hall Technology
  • Reduced stroke in rotation of the grip
  • CNC precision, control plays are minimized
  • Compact size, compared to OEM products


Please note that the Domino Ride by Wire must be fixed by an authorized mechanic and this process involves the removal of the original piece, equipped with an electrical device that must be therefore replaced.


For further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at tommaselli@tommaselli.com