The new A350 "TURISMO" GRIP has been specially developed to be suitable for Turing and Maxiscooter bikes. 
It stands for its modern and fashionable design and its innovative refined syle emphasized by the colour combinations. 
For this new grip Domino has decided to enrich its range of “standard” colours with a more refined variety of colours to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
The new A350 "TURISMO" GRIP is with open end and 120 mm long.
All the different colour combinations are in stock with the following part numbers:

A35041C5270C7-0                 ANTHRACITE/GREY 

A35041C7059C7-0                SILVER/ ANTHRACITE

A35041C4042C7-0                 RED/BLACK 

A35041C4270C7-0                 ANTHRACITE /RED 

A35041C4044C7-0                 GREEN/BLACK 

A35041C4470C7-0                 ANTHRACITE /GREEN 

A35041C4048C7-0                 BLUE/BLACK 

A35041C4870C7-0                 ANTHRACITE /BLUE

A35041C4770C7-0                 ANTHRACITE /YELLOW 

A35041C4570C7-0                 ANTHRACITE /ORANGE 

A35041C4063C7-0                 BROWN/BLACK 

A35041C6459C7-0                 SILVER/BROWN 

A35041C6564C7-0                 BROWN/GREY