Terms & Conditions

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Privacy policy
Domino Srl guarantees to protect the personal data privacy of its customers and every person releasing information to the company, complying with Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Code for the Protection of Personal Data).

Person in charge
The Person in Charge of handling the data is Domino Srl, a company having its registered office in Via delle Industrie 16/18 - 23896 Sirtori (LC) Italy. Website users may exercise the rights involved by art.7 (access, amendment, deletion, objection to the handling of their data, etc.), by referring directly to the General Management of Domino Srl.

Data gathering and use
The gathering, registration and use of personal data made in this website can only take place following notification of a Privacy Statement, pursuant to article 13 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, quoted in the same page containing the data entry form.
In view of the nature of the activity it carries out, Domino Srl gathers the data required to meet the obligations resulting from a contract or to take pre-contractual measures.
The data, gathered by means of forms, shall also be used for promotional purposes.
Domino Srl does not make use of secret information gathering systems through its Internet website.
The pages designed for data gathering make reference to any piece of information that it is compulsory to supply by law, to those required in order to offer the requested service and to the optional ones.

Sharing and notification of personal data
The data gathered by the Person in Charge of handling them may be transmitted or notified to controlled or related companies for activities that are related to or instrumental in the performance of the service, or for enabling receivers to handle the data in their capacity as independent Persons in Charge. With the exception of such cases, the data are not notified or disclosed to anyone, unless this occurrence is provided for in a contract or authorised by the persons in question.

Domino Srl does not make use of invasive cookies. 
However, should users not wish to receive any type of cookie in their system, whether from the Domino Srl website or from others, they can increase the privacy protection level of their browser through the function duly provided for the purpose.
Domino Srl wishes to remind that, pursuant to article 7 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, users are entitled to request at any time those who make use of such solutions to delete any information gathered through cookies.

Surfing data
Proper website operation requires the collection of certain personal data whose use is implicitly provided for when using Internet communication protocols. The information gathered does not directly identify the user, but may lead to its identification through processing and association with data held by third parties. This category of data includes IP addresses or computer domain names employed by the users, time of request, method used in placing the request to the server and other parameters related to the operating system or data processing system employed by the user. These data are protected and exclusively employed to check on proper operation of the website. 
The data may be employed for the purposes of ascertaining responsibilities in the event of hacking and related attacks or in any other case of suspected criminal attack against the website.

Domino Srl has taken all the minimum security measures provided for by law. By drawing inspiration from the chief international standards, Domino Srl has also taken further safety measures, so as to reduce to a minimum any risks concerning the privacy, availability and integrity of the personal data gathered and handled.

Changes to the current privacy policies
Domino Srl regularly reviews its policies in connection with privacy and security changes, as well as to any changes required as a result of technological development. Should any policy change be implemented, the new version shall be published on this website page.

Enquiries, complaints and suggestions
Should anyone be interested in receiving further information, in offering suggestions or in filing complaints or raising objections as to the company’s privacy policies or as to the manner in which Domino Srl deals with personal data, they may do so by writing to the General Management of Domino Srl to the following e-mail address: sitoweb@domino-group.com.