NEW HRN (handlebar racing naked) MEDIUM BEND HANDLEBARS Back to news


Domino enlarges its handlebar production range introducing a new bend of HRN handlebars, the handlebars suitable for all naked bikes.
These new handlebars are totally produced in ERGAL.
Their peculiar bend along with their advanced variable diameter working process, improves the riding under any conditions and allows the rider to get the best handling, conform and safety.
They are “patented”, 100% made in Italy and available in the following colours:

gold    part number 0491.94.13.04-0
silver     part number 0491.94.14.04-0
black     part number 0491.94.10.04-0

Handlebar dimensions:

A           B           C         D           E            F           G 
814        135        95        78        199        28,5        22