Domino introduces theversion of XM2 throttle control with gold painted body, suitable for the most famous sports bikes.

Developed in cooperation with Moto2 best teams, like the present version with black body, it is a throttle control in light aluminium alloy with the peculiarity of the titanium bolts and screws granting lightness and holding. It is supplied with 3 rings with the following specifications: the white ring with 55° opening for a normal riding, the red ring with 53° progressive opening for a sporting riding and the green ring with 60°opening for a riding on the wet ground.

The XM2 throttle control with gold body will be available starting from March 2012 and supplied either with the two-colour black-red grips ref. 3846.03 and without grips ref. 3847.03.

Along with the XM2 throttle control it is possible to buy the following throttle cables:


- ref. 5405.96.04 for Honda CBR 600 2007/2010
- ref. 5408.96.04 for Honda CBR 1000 2008/2010
- ref. 5424.96.04 for Yamaha R1 1000 2009/2010
- ref. 5427.96.04 for Yamaha R6 600 2008/2010


The universal throttle cable set ref. 5430.96.04 is available too.


Domino recommends the use of the XM2 throttle control on the tracks and private roads closed to traffic only.