At EICMA 2011 Domino introduces a new grip specific for off-road bikes.


This new grip has been developed in cooperation with the main cross and enduro Teams and it is produced by using a highly advanced mix of thermoplastic materials. It stands out for its extraordinary softness assuring a very high ergonomic and comfortable hand grip. The central part of the grip has a “barrel” profile to get the best hand grip under all the race conditions. On the flange there is also a new-concept pad made of a softer material to allow a comfortable hand grip and the fingers rest on the flange while riding. For competition, it is provided with 3 seats for the safety fastening iron wire.

The grip is 120 mm long and suitable for Domino off-road throttle controls.


The new Domino off-road grip will be available starting from February 2012 in the following seven colour combinations: 

black/red         ref. A26041C4240

black/green      ref. A26041C4440
black/yellow     ref. A26041C4740
black/grey        ref. A26041C5240
grey/orange      ref. A26041C4552
grey/blue          ref. A26041C4852
blue/white        ref. A26041C4648